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Whixall C.E. Primary School and Nursery



Music at Whixall CE Primary School

At our school, we believe that a high-quality music education is essential for all our children. Our intention is to provide a broad and balanced music curriculum that inspires and nurtures every child's creativity, talent, and love for music. We aim to develop their skills in performing, composing, and listening whilst enabling them to explore and appreciate a wide range of musical traditions and styles.


EYFS Music Long-Term Plan

Music Long-Term Plan


Curriculum Design
Our music curriculum is carefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music, ensuring that children develop key knowledge and skills at each stage of their education. We have also carefully sequenced our curriculum, building on prior learning and progressively introducing more complex concepts and techniques.

Opportunities for Musical Engagement
We offer a wide range of opportunities for musical engagement both inside and outside the classroom. Regular whole-school singing worships, church services, concerts, and larger singing events like Young Voices are just a few examples of the ways we promote active participation in music. We also encourage our children to join our lunchtime choir.

Specialist Music Staff
We have a dedicated music teacher and visiting peripatetic instrumental teachers who are experienced musicians and music educators. They bring a wealth of musical knowledge, skills, and passion to their teaching, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. Our staff regularly engage in professional development to ensure their teaching practices are up-to-date and in line with the latest pedagogical approaches.

We provide high-quality resources to support the teaching and learning of music, including a wide selection of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Cultural and Cross-Curricular Links
We embed cultural and cross-curricular links within our music curriculum to deepen children’s understanding of music in its historical and societal contexts. We expose children to a wide range of musical genres and traditions, including those from different cultures and time periods.


Progression and Attainment
Through our music provision, we expect to see a clear progression in the children’s musical skills and knowledge as they move through primary school. By the time they leave our school, the children will have attained the necessary skills and knowledge to continue their musical journey at secondary level.

Engagement and Enjoyment
We aim to foster a love for music in all our children. By providing engaging and enjoyable music lessons and extracurricular activities, we want every child to feel confident and motivated to participate actively in music-making. We encourage children to explore their musical preferences and interests, ensuring that music is inclusive and accessible to all.

Musical Confidence and Well-being
We believe that music can positively impact children’s confidence and well-being. Through regular music-making opportunities, performances, and collaborations, we aim to build children’s self-esteem and provide them with a sense of achievement. We also acknowledge the power of music to promote self-expression, emotional awareness, and a sense of belonging.

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation
Our music curriculum exposes children to a wide range of musical traditions, cultures, and genres. This helps them develop an understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of musical expression globally and in the United Kingdom. Through music, we foster cultural awareness, respect, and empathy.

Celebrating Music
There are many special events small and large to participate in and showcase our children's musical talents.  We have plenty of extra-curricular opportunities with our choir, which is open to all children, singing in our community as well as participating in a wide range of singing workshops and events.

Mrs Hawke's weekly singing worships are often used to rehearse for special school songs, community events and of course our Christmas events.  

Years 3 and 4 children learn an instrument and show off their skills at our summer concert. We enjoy having musicians visit us and participating in local and national events such as Shropshire Sings and Young Voices and with so much music in school there are lots of concerts and community events where children showcase their musical talents to us all.

With all this going on, it’s no wonder we have achieved the Music Mark Award for 2023-24!  We are very proud and wish to thank Mrs Hawke for all her hard work, passion and dedication to extra-curricular Music events.

Instrumental Lessons Information
We are pleased to work with Shropshire Music Service to offer small group and individual lessons for strings, brass, woodwind, drums/percussion, piano/keyboard, guitar, ukulele, and singing.  Most instruments can be started from Year 3, with some exceptions.  The Music Service also offers affordable hire for most instruments if needed.  Lessons take place in school, but children should be enrolled via the Music Service directly. 

Ms Turner is also a freelance music teacher who offers piano lessons.

Shropshire Music Service is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible music education for young people in Shropshire with lessons mainly being paid for by parents.

The County School of Music (CSM) is the collective name for Shropshire’s youth bands, orchestras, and choirs. The following regular ensembles are open to all Music Service students at the appropriate stage in their learning:

  • Concert Band (intermediate and senior) – Brass, woodwind, percussion. Grade 3+

  • String Orchestra (intermediate and senior) – Strings, percussion. Grade 3+

  • Stompers – A mixed band for all instruments at beginner level up to grade 2.

  • Choir – Dedicated girls' and boys' choirs, welcoming a mix of vocal abilities.

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