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Whixall C.E. Primary School and Nursery

Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education at Whixall CE Primary School 

At Whixall CE Primary School, we believe that RE is a core element of a child’s learning for life. It enables children to learn from and about religion. It equips children to interact with others and understand different Worldviews that may be different to their own views. RE helps us to appreciate the meaning religion and faith has for different people and how this shapes their lives and behaviour.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage creativity, enquiry, debate, discussion, research and independence. Our curriculum is inclusive to all. 

Religious Education is a statutory subject for all children. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of Religious Education. At Whixall CE Primary School, we follow the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus and use Understanding Christianity for the basis of our planning. Through our syllabus we study Christianity along with Islam, Judaism and Hinduism as well as Humanism. In the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, children learn about Christianity and other beliefs, cultures and celebrations throughout the year. 

RE is taught weekly along with termly Journey Days when our curriculum is further enriched through discussion, creativity and research. 

Children’s progress is regularly assessed to inform planning and forms part of our termly parent/carers progress meetings and end-of-year reports. This progress is based on expected outcomes in the Agreed Syllabus.  

Fundamentally, children enjoying learning in RE. This involvement and enthusiasm creates a culture of understanding respect and tolerance for each other and for wider beliefs and cultures. The children increase their knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other world religions; its influence of individuals and communities; skills of enquiry and research through the use of questioning language and vocabulary, and skills of reflection, empathy analysis and evaluation. Through the development of all these areas, children are able to reflect and express their own beliefs and are equipped for their future journey through life as citizens of an ever-changing world. 

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